So Much Love

Valentine’s Day takes on various meanings depending on who you talk to, I’ve learned. For me, when I was dating my husband, it meant so much and if he wouldn’t have recognized the day in some way there would’ve been a few tears shed and some unanswered calls. Good thing for him, I could always be swooned by a sweet card. But now, with two kids in tow, V-Day is just another day for my husband and me to recognize how much love we have for each other, for our boys, for our family, and for all we have celebrated in our lives together. And because this Valentine’s Day 2021 is coinciding with a historic deep freeze that has taken the whole state of Texas hostage, I have had lots of time to reflect on everything I love and want to love forever. So, this is my shoutout to all things-LOVE:

1. I love that much of my life involves my husband in one way, shape, or form and we have such a great, storybook-like history and romance. And, we celebrate a day even grander in February than V-Day and that is our wedding anniversary.

2. I love that Nico just had the BEST haircut experience, to date, this weekend and not only does he look so handsome, but we have video to prove how much progress he has made these last five years.

3. I love that my Max eats Valentine’s Day treats so at least one of my kids will enjoy cookies and sweets when family and friends drop them off. Nico isn’t quite there yet, but slap a heart sticker on a box of Goldfish crackers and he’ll be swooning too.

4. I love that my dad still finds joy in buying Valentine’s Day cards and now he can buy them for his grandsons and fill them with little goodies for their piggy banks.

5. I love that I no longer feel the pressure to get dressed up and wait for hours for a dinner reservation when my husband is just as excited to have a home-cooked meal and a great bottle of wine at home.

6. I love being able to dress the boys up in red; they look so good in it with their dark hair and brown eyes. I know…I’m biased.

7. I love that I’ve always bought my Nico books for V-Day and he would memorize them cover to cover after I would read to him, but now when he gets a book he can actually read it to me…all by himself!

8. I love waking up on Valentine’s Day knowing that my husband is going to be a bit more charming, just to be on the safe side, since it is the day of all days to show the mother of his children (who endured countless hours of labor with one and a painful C-section with the other) lots of love and affection, especially since he is obsessed with his boys and did I mention he got his BOYS? #itsrainingmen #boysmom

9. I love all the social media posts from my friends and family showcasing love for their significant others. It’s nice to be witness to all that genuine love.

10. I love that my Mom loved to bake because Valentine’s Day always give me the best reason to bake up a storm. This year I went for a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake.

11. I love the friendship that Nico and Max are building and how it seems to be growing Nico’s language in miraculous ways. It still blows my mind every time I hear Nico say, “Max is up…let’s go get Max” or any other full sentence he says all on his own without any prompting.

12. I love the way both my boys’ eyes light up each time they smile and how I can see my Mom shining through in these briefs moments. They may look like their daddy, with eyes I can get lost in, but those smiles are reserved just for me and are a sign that she’s always with me.

13. I love that my boys are surrounded by such tremendous love. They see it and feel it and know exactly what it is. My boys know who love them because those people are the ones who always show up for them no matter what.

14. I love that my boys know how to show love. They express it and accept it unconditionally. I was worried when Nico was diagnosed with Autism that he wouldn’t like affection or know how to express love, but that couldn’t be further from our reality. Nico shows love everyday and because he does it so well so does Max. Max adores his big brother and their bond has certainly grown in these quarantined times.

Valentine’s Day 2021 will be one of love, lounging, lasagna, and libations. Cheers to love! ❤️

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