Choose To Be Humane

Nico has been having meltdowns and fits at school recently. We’re not sure what triggers them most times since we hear about them after the fact, but honestly, it could be for a hundred different reasons. He has a solid routine that his teacher team and my husband and I developed together months back, so... Continue Reading →

Appreciate the Little Things

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and I have been so excited to take part in spoiling the teachers at my son’s school. The sentiments aren’t necessarily grand and outdone, but they were planned with love and compassion and, above all, immense appreciation for these incredible individuals who move mountains for our kids everyday. Teaching is such... Continue Reading →

Nico’s Favorite Songs

My kid has some excellent taste in music! It ranges from Disney songs to indie rock, to movie soundtracks! Nico loves to dance so when I have teachers and therapists who want to know how to connect with him, I love to share his favorite songs. Music will open Nico's door to you! Carried Away-Passion... Continue Reading →

Reasons, Seasons and Forever

And just like that…my written word is back. The last several months since the holiday season have been pretty trying. I had been wondering for quite some time, even before the holidays came, why I was struggling to get my thoughts out let alone on paper. Writing had always come natural to me; yet, here... Continue Reading →

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