Raising children and adults with Autism has incredibly high points for sure! Their brains work in such mystifying ways that I catch myself waiting with bated breath when Nico interacts with something new or sees something for the first time. Our doctors and therapists told us very early on that Nico was brilliant (which I... Continue Reading →


It's comical that I'm feeling recharged right now. I have been traveling for work all week long and laying in the same hotel room I was in 36 hours earlier. I'm not complaining though; I have an incredible career that allows me to work in the field of education and collaborate with school districts daily,... Continue Reading →


(FYI: I bold terms that relate to the world of Autism in support of awareness and education. In some instances, I will hyperlink these terms to literature that will provide you further information. Just trying to do my part for the Autism community.) I live life by seeing the "glass half full" as much as... Continue Reading →


A lot of thinking tends to happen on 6am flights when the world is just waking up for the day. I took this picture after I paused a movie I was watching that had become just a bit too real for me. I could feel my eyes welling up with tears and I didn't want... Continue Reading →

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